Small Dogs- short hair bath $25+

Small Dogs-medium/long hair bath $30+

Small Dogs- touch up $35+

Small Dogs- haircut $45-50+

Medium Dogs- short hair bath $35+

Medium Dogs- medium/long hair bath $40+

Medium Dogs-touch up $45+

Medium Dogs-haircut $55+

Large Dogs- short hair bath $45+

Large Dogs- medium/long hair bath $45+

Large Dogs-touch up $55+

Large Dogs-haircut $65-75+

XL Dogs- short hair bath $50+

XL Dogs- medium/long hair bath $60+

XL Dogs-touch up $70+

XL Dogs-haircut $80+

Cats-short hair bath $40+

Cats- medium/long hair bath $45+

Cats-touch up $50+

Cats-haircut $60+

Standard Poodles-bath $50+

Standard Poodles-haircut $80-125

Bath and Brush Package Includes:

Cranberry facial, bath, expressing the anal glands, dried by hand, pluck/clean ears, trim nails, trim feet, and sanitary.

Touch up Includes:

Bath services listed above and head trim.

Bath & Haircut Includes:

Bath services listed about and full body trim. Hand scissoring is an additional fee.

Add On Packages

Teeth Brushing $5

Nail Painting $7

Pad Remoisturizer $5

Nose Balm $3

Nail Filing $5

Paw soak $8

Express groom $15

Special Handling Fee $5-$20 (For the hard to groom pets).

De-matting Fee $5 for every 15 mins.

Hand Scissoring $5 and up

Pawdicure Package

Nail filing, foot soak and nail polish.$15

De-Shed Package

All natural de-shed shampoo followed up with a de-shed conditioner that loosens dead coat while also conditioning the skin/coat! $7

Itchy Dog Bath

Oatmeal shampoo which soaks for 10 mins, followed by an oatmeal conditioner. $7

Zymox Medicated Bath $10

Walk in Nail Services

Small/Med dog nail clipping $10

Large dog nail clipping $15

Small/med nail filing $15

Large dog nail filing $20

The Bark and Stay Hotel

(559) 412-20048
Small Dog Cottages 4x4 $25
Medium Dog Apartment 4x6 $30
Large dog Suite 5x5 $35
Large Dog Suite 4x8 #35
Holiday Pictures 4x6 $10
$5 off per pet sharing a kennel

If you would like your pet to receive extra time outside of his/her kennel or would like to add on some activities to your pet's stay, please see our additional packages below.

Pet Hotel Packages

Doggie Daycare $20
One on One Time: Outdoor walk, individual play/petting session (recommended for large dogs). $10
One on one time/excerisize time is included in basic prices for kennels.
Obedience Session: 10-15 minutes of basics sit, down, stay, watch, heel, etc. $10
Kong Treat: Peanut butter or treat filled Kong for a treat anytime of day! $3
Puzzle Time: Interactive treat puzzles to stimulate brain power. $2
Memory Foam Pet Bed $ 1 0 a stay
Check In times: Mon-Fri 12 P.M.- 5 P.M.
Check Out Times: Mon-Sat before 12 P.M.
Any Early drop off or late check in can be scheduled by appointment.
Food: Pet owner provides enough food for pet's entire visit with written instructions for feeding.
Vaccinations: To insure the protection of all animals under our care and to prevent the spread of infectious disease, dogs must be current on vaccines. Dogs: DAPP, Rabies, and Bordetella. Cats: Rabies and RCP.
Medications: Medications will be administered according to instructions on bottle. $3 per day.
Personal Items: Owner is more than welcome to leave machine washable items, make sure everything is labeled with your pet's name on it to ensure it goes home with you. Brittney's Bark and Stay is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

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