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Small Dogs- short hair bath $25+

Small Dogs-medium/long hair bath $30+

Small Dogs- touch up $35+

Small Dogs- haircut $45-50+

Medium Dogs- short hair bath $35+

Medium Dogs- medium/long hair bath $40+

Medium Dogs-touch up $45+

Medium Dogs-haircut $55+

Large Dogs- short hair bath $45+

Large Dogs- medium/long hair bath $45+

Large Dogs-touch up $55+

Large Dogs-haircut $65-75+

XL Dogs- short hair bath $50+

XL Dogs- medium/long hair bath $60+

XL Dogs-touch up $70+

XL Dogs-haircut $80+

Cats-short hair bath $40+

Cats- medium/long hair bath $45+

Cats-touch up $50+

Cats-haircut $60+

Standard Poodles-bath $50+

Standard Poodles-haircut $80-125

Bath and Brush Package Includes:

Cranberry facial, bath, expressing the anal glands, dried by hand, pluck/clean ears, trim nails, trim feet, and sanitary.

Touch up Includes:

Bath services listed above and head trim.

Bath & Haircut Includes:

Bath services listed about and full body trim. Hand scissoring is an additional fee.

Add On Packages

Teeth Brushing $5

Nail Painting $7

Pad Remoisturizer $5

Nose Balm $3

Nail Filing $5

Paw soak $8

Express groom $15

Special Handling Fee $5-$20 (For the hard to groom pets).

De-matting Fee $5 for every 15 mins.

Hand Scissoring $5 and up

Pawdicure Package

Nail filing, foot soak and nail polish.$15

De-Shed Package

All natural de-shed shampoo followed up with a de-shed conditioner that loosens dead coat while also conditioning the skin/coat! $7

Itchy Dog Bath

Oatmeal shampoo which soaks for 10 mins, followed by an oatmeal conditioner. $7

Zymox Medicated Bath $10

Walk in Nail Services

Small/Med dog nail clipping $10

Large dog nail clipping $15

Small/med nail filing $15

Large dog nail filing $20

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